Pomodoro Tutorial

Nicolas Dirand The May 18, 2014

The Pomodoro Technique, An Easy Tutorial.

After the release of SeriousNote Beta for my pro users. I feel it’s time for me to write an easy tutorial about the pomodoro technique.
The Pomodoro technique is a time management technique invented by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s.
The goal is to help you work efficiently without distraction or interruption.

I will explain how it works, with a step by step example.
Let say I want to write an article for my blog.
Task: Write an article.
I estimate how many pomodoro, I need to ‘allocate’ for this task.

A pomodoro is a simple unit of time (usually 25 minutes).

For my task ‘write an article’ I guess I will need 5 pomodoro.

  1.  Set up the alarm to ring into 25minutes (one pomodoro)
  2. Work on the task. Without distraction at all. If you are interrupted while doing a pomodoro. The timer is then reset. You have to do a pure 25 minutes of work without any distraction at all, to make it count as a pomodoro
  3. When the timer ring STOP. It does not matter what you was doing you have to stop. You can now increment the number of pomodoro you’ve done.
  4. Rest for 5 minutes (you can now be distracted)
  5. Reset the timer for another pomodoro of 25 minutes
  6. Work!
  7. Continue this cycle until you made 4 full pomodoro
  8. Stop for 30 minutes. Eat, be distracted, do something
  9. If the task is not finish, restart from 1
  10. STOP

You see, it’s dead simple!

But why use this technique?

The pomodoro technique main premise is to say ‘Everybody can stay focused for 25 minutes’. pomodoro data flow

You can also customize your whole pomodoro process: use shorter pomodoro of 20 minutes, or maybe you can rest a bit longer.

Just try what is working for you!

You should also keep a log of every task, and every pomodoro. Review your whole process often.

Plan. Work. Review. (Reviewing your work is essential).

Why  pomodoro work?

Your mind will stay focused for a maximum of 25 minutes.

If you have to be distracted, you know that in a few minutes you hit your pause.

With time you will learn to estimate your pomodoro length better.
Estimating the workload for your task, and being able to break it down into a few subtask is an essential skill, if you aim to be efficient.

Like I said in the article about SeriousNote. I use both Kanban and pomodoro. Kanban for the general view, and pomodoro for the execution of those tasks.

SeriousNote was designed to support the pomodoro technique, and also to help you with all the tracking/logging/reviewing/prioritization.
If you want to know more about SeriousNote, you can check this article, or you can order a pro version of Seriousd which give you access to the beta testing of SeriousNote.

Trivia: Seriousd was designed at the beginning to block the distractions, because of the pomodoro techniques

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