SeriousNote Note Taking Software

SeriousNote: Note Taking App. A Preview

Nicolas Dirand The May 15, 2014

Finally, SeriousNote the note taking software which supports the “pomodoro technique” is released. Because this…

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NEW Seriousd Is Also A Timeline Software

Nicolas Dirand The February 15, 2014

What does it mean, to be a timeline software? Well, Seriousd version now provides…

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Stop procrastinating before it happens

Nicolas Dirand The December 4, 2013

How to stop procrastinating before it’s too late? With Seriousd we have been working hard…

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BuzzFeed Content Analysis Part 2

Nicolas Dirand The October 7, 2013

It’s time to extract all the voodoo from the BuzzFeed headline ! 🙂 Here we…

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Why People Likes BuzzFeed Headlines ?

Nicolas Dirand The September 26, 2013

You may know that huffpost and buzzfeed craft their content very carefully. In fact HuffPost…

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SeriousNote: to-do/notes/pomodoro

Nicolas Dirand The May 28, 2013

I call it ‘SeriousNote’, it is a simple but yet powerful note program with a…

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Why Seriousd 1.4 Is The Best Productivity Tool Ever Made?

Nicolas Dirand The March 23, 2013

Seriousd 1.4: No More Excuses The Problem Exposed Distractions Are you efficient worker? Are you…

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The Time Tracker Revolution 1.3

Nicolas Dirand The November 5, 2012

Welcome back everyone‭! I’m proud to present the new Seriousd version‭ ‬1.3. There are‭ ‬a…

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Kanban, an easy tutorial

Nicolas Dirand The May 2, 2012

This tutorial is a very short introduction to Kanban made for everyone. You will learn…

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seriousd the free time tracker new release 1.1

With Seriousd 1.1 time tracking has never been this easy.

Nicolas Dirand The April 30, 2012

With this release 1.1, you take control of your distractions, and other time wasters with…

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