Documentation for Seriousd 1.0

Nicolas Dirand The March 25, 2012

Launch it from “Start -> Seriousd  -> Seriousd”. Or you can simply type the name into the search box.


Voila! Simply wait a moment while Seriousd its loading is database.

Here, you are in front of the basic interface.

You will see the Top 5 programs that have gotten most of your attention today.

Ok, now *Click* on the “Listing” icon.

listing icon


You are now in front of the activity history windows.

Here, you can see a more detailed view of your activity, grouped
by executable and with the details of each window and the total time spent on each at the top.

This comes in handy when you want to specify some rules with the name of the windows title.

Ok, now “Click” the shield icons and start the rules editor.

For adding new rules just click the ‘add/edit’ icons

Let say you spending way too much time on the latest Mass Effect 3 game.

Killing the aliens in space is all right, but it is also killing your productivity right here on Earth!

Ok, first you need to get the executable name.

The most easiest way is to take a look at the list view.

Easy enough.

The executable is named ‘MassEffect3’

Notify the root node name is the executable name, don’t confound with the title name, which is “Mass Effect 3”.

So into the executable input you type ‘masseffect3’.

Leave the title blank for the moment.

Next you need to specify how much,  you will allow yourself to play Mass Effect 3!

As an example below, let’s allow ourselves one hour and thirty minutes per day (24 hours).


The time format we use in Seriousd is pretty straightforward.

HH = hours
mm = minutes
Ss = seconds

So we enter into ‘Allowed time’:-

01:30:00 [ AKA 1h 30m 00 seconds ]

And then into ‘Reset watch’ we enter: –

24:00:00 [ AKA 24 hours 00 minutes 00 seconds ]

NOTE: Your rule will be saved/updated automatically.

Voila! You are ready to go! Now you can play Mass Effect 3 without worrying about spending half a day without knowing it!

Let look at another example.

Here, I want to use Google chrome, but I don’t want to spend HOURS on YouTube.
So let’s do it again.

1. Check the executable name as above. i.e:  ‘Chrome’
2. Inspect the title now. We see ‘YouTube’ in the title of every window.
3. Now create a new rule. *Click* the Add/Edit icon.
4. Set the executable name to ‘Chrome’
5. Set for the Title ‘youtube’. (Letter casing is not relevant)
6. Set the “Allowed time”. I will allow myself five minutes per two hours.
So let us  write 00:05:00 [00 hours 05 minutes 00 seconds]
7. The length of our cycle is two hours so write down 02:00:00
8. Watch Youtube and keep focused. 🙂



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