How To Create A Pdf Report

Nicolas Dirand The November 4, 2012

With the commercial license of Seriousd you can now create Pdf reports with key statistics and information about your activity.

Open the ‘Create Reports’ windows from the “Activity History” panel.





Now select the time frame you want to analyze.

Seriousd is pre configured with the most commons time frames.

Decide how you want to process your data.
To follow your progress week by week within the time frame, select ‘weekly’.

Now press the ‘Print’ button and let Seriousd analyze your data.
Please be patient. It can take a few minutes.
Then a pop-up will inform you about the location of your PDF report.

N.B: Your report is saved in your documents folder.
Seriousd will try to automatically open it for you.

In this picture, we analyze one month of data, comparing your activity between each week.

Seriousd will then compare week by week your usage on your computers
It will show usage, usage progression, which software just took a lot of your time and the evolution week after week.

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