Let’s get to know each other

Nicolas Dirand The March 29, 2012

Greetings everyone! Welcome on hackeratwork.com to my humble website, designed and run by me Nicolas Dirand. First, Allow me to introduce myself.


My background is really rather different than what you would expect!
Actually, I am pretty new to the World of desktop applications, especially in C# 4.0 and WPF, with less than one and a half years experience.


I’m a hacker. I created the security group, ADM Crew in 1997. We became very well known for our tools, exploits and our outstanding members.


Two years later we started Qualys.com, based upon a tool of ADM, we made with a lot of efforts and a lot of fun too. The number one vulnerability scanner! I’m very proud of it!


A few years later, I started another company bee-ware.net. Bee-ware.net was featuring the first web application firewalls using neural networks. The innovation was to remove the need of whitelist and blacklist and even being able to detect totally new attacks (0day).


But after a while, I got really fed up by the routine. I had to move on, I had to experience something new!
So I decided to work for myself and myself only. I decided I would be a *Cowboy* programmer! A solo entrepreneur! This will be my pilgrimage! Guess what? I love it!


Don’t get me wrong guys, I made a lot of sacrifices. I had to do everything from (A to Z) ^3. I had to be the master on every aspect of my work: – Web design, copywriting, SEO, expression design suite, TFS, VS2010, C# , WPF, Silverlight, Entity, calculus 1-2-3, game theory, NLP, ‘User Experience’, linear algebra, image processing, matlab, mathematica, windows internals, reversing engineering, the list goes on and on. (Don’t forget I’m coming from the World of linux so this was a HUGE step for me).


I had to be well organized as you can imagine. I had to do my job, even if was not motivated, sad or sick. I simply had to do it.
Optimizing my daily routine was not a success right away. Hell no, if there is something I’m really good at its failing!
I failed a lot and often, but I never ever gave up. NEVER! Each time I started a successful enterprise, each time everyone around me was discouraging me to continue, I just kept going.
I assure you, that the day you stop is the day you were the closest to succeeding. Do not quit!


So this is how the adventure started and this how you came to see this site.
Now my daily life is pretty exciting. Even if I don’t move behind that desk that much. Haha!
This is the adventure of another nerd “Going solo”.
For the first time since 1999 I’m sharing my research, notes, ideas and processes to the public.
Any task we do more than once, is a task worth thinking about.


Optimize your routine! It is all about one goal, to simply work smarter.




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