Free time tracker software. It’s about time!

Nicolas Dirand The March 22, 2012

You can be organized in all the ways you want…
You can capture all your ideas on your shiny new iPad.
You can make perfect to do lists, and have read the 30th life hacking pro tips.
You know how to be productive.
You know perfectly the concepts of “Getting things done”.
Being educated about productivity is a good thing. But are you really as productive as you could be?

Personal productivity is something I am really passionate about.With time and education I felt the need to create my own set of tools designed for people just like me, those who work all day long behind a computer. You are my kind of people! Coders, Hackers, Designers, Researchers, and Writers to name but a few.

Here is my first public product.

It is  free time tracking software. I named it ‘Seriousd’ because it’s about time to get serious!

Seriousd will monitor all your daily activity.

This helps, because you know you can’t optimize what you can’t measure.

Seriousd keeps a detailed log of everything you done on your computer.

It tracks how your attention has been distributed throughout your working day.

It shows it to you in a  format that is nice and easy to understand. But better then that, Seriousd will block your distractions.

It will detect that you’re spending too much time on unproductive applications or websites and allow you to focus on your work! Remaining focused is the key to good productivity.

Why make a superb to do list, or a colorful mind map if you can’t get anything done on your computer ?
I’m addicted to gaming and YouTube. but  with Seriousd I had the help I needed for getting back to work.

Are you ready to do the job now ?

Enjoy Seriousd!



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