NEW Seriousd Is Also A Timeline Software

Nicolas Dirand The February 15, 2014

What does it mean, to be a timeline software?

Well, Seriousd version now provides you another way to visualize your data: The timeline.

This view can analyze every details of your daily activity.Seriousd Timeline

With the timeline, I display the events you generated.

Each event describes:

  1. WHEN you started to use one application.
  2. WHEN you switched off to another application.
  3. HOW long you have been focused on the app.
  4. The icon used by the application.
  5. The name of the application.

The timeline is also forms with two components:

  1. The main band where each column represents ten minutes.
  2. The lower band which is the ‘hourly’ view. (one hour by column)

Simple enough?

It’s important to know: If one application has been used less than one minute, it does not create a new event.  It means: If you are using the application ‘Visual Studio 2012’ and then switch for 30 seconds to check your email with your email client. The Event will still continue as ‘Visual Studio 2012’. Because 30 seconds is too low to create a new event.

For now there is not much customization possible on the timeline.

But I will add more ‘Views’ as the process goes (Like an Hourly/Daily view or a Daily/Weekly view).

I also re-themed Seriousd as you have seen, and I like it very much :-).Black theme

This is the default theme right now, but there will be a possibility to switch between themes in the next release. (Black theme vs the legacy theme)

Keep in mind, this is an advanced BETA release. I didn’t test the timeline a lot, but if you find any issues, feel free to contact me.

See you later folks, enjoy your new Seriousd  J

PS: Please keep sending me your log file, like I asked my users to do in this paper. I believe the preemptive loss of focus detection is a major step into the world of productivity software. I need your help to make it possible!

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