SeriousNote: Note Taking App. A Preview

Nicolas Dirand The May 15, 2014

Finally, SeriousNote the note taking software which supports the “pomodoro technique” is released.

Because this BETA is only published to my paying users at this moment. You will have to go over the manual and look at the screenshots if you want to get a taste of it for free.

SeriousNote is really the ideal instrument to go with Seriousd. They work into a perfect synergy, and will improve your productivity to a new level.

You are asking me, why a pomodoro software? Why not Kanban?

Well, I love the Kanban technique, and the pomodoro technique, and I’m shameless to say that using both is ideal.

I use Kanban for the ‘general overview’ of my work. It helps me to choose which task I should prioritize in SeriousNote.

The pomodoro technique helps you to actually work on those tasks.


Let me say this: SeriousNote is the best note taking/to-do list software hands down!SeriousNote Interface

First, because of its incredible User Interface. Which is controlled by how you are writing your tasks.

(I call it ‘intelligent note taking’)

I was annoyed with all the software that require me to use 5 or 6 buttons, or to enter information into 10 input boxes, when I just want to create a single task. Why should it be that way? Why not get inspired by one of the most practical tools ever designed for taking notes? The good old notebook!

I just want the same user experience into my software. I want to write my tasks on my software like with a pen on paper. Like paper, I want to add more info about my task by using some text decoration. Remember the fluorescent pen you use to mark an important part of the text.

With the current ‘to do’ software, they all fail to grasp this simple idea. They never ask themselves, why on earth it holds to be so complicated to use a to-do list software, or any kind of electronic organizer.

This is where SeriousNote is excellent. It has the practicality of a good old text file.

SeriousNote is able to interpret what you are writing via a set of VERY SIMPLE keywords. You can be efficient for the rest of your life in less than 3 minutes.

  1. You can create Categories.
  2.  Prioritize your tasks.
  3.  Plan the amount of time you want to go on your projects.
  4.  Make a task cyclic or time dependent. ( Like activating a task every  Friday and Sunday, or every 4 days. Etc. )
  5. Delete or organize your tasks/categories.

ALL IN TEXT! Without using a single menu, or touching your mouse! With just your keyboard and by your writing!

Because It is also a “pomodoro” software, SeriousNote actually helps you to complete your tasks in one of the most efficient ways the “pomodoro technique”. Forget about keeping track of your progress, playing with a timer etc. SeriousNote does it itself!

If you want to try it before everyone you can buy a license for Seriousd and you will be included in the beta testing for SeriousNote J

But until there is a free version for all. You can always check the manual here.


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