SeriousNote: to-do/notes/pomodoro

Nicolas Dirand The May 28, 2013


I call it ‘SeriousNote’, it is a simple but yet powerful note program with a slight flavor of pomodoro

‘SeriousNote’ is the father of the currently published ‘Seriousd’. In fact ‘SeriousNote’ was my very first WPF/C# software ever.

At the time I was experimenting with the pomodoro! technique, looking for a simple pomodoro software which can also keep track of my tasks.

But there was nothing really fitting my needs, at the end I was using a good old notebook or a simple excel spreadsheet.

This is when the idea of ‘SeriousNote’ was born!

Because no matter how much features those software are offering, none can beat a simple text file.

Do you ever wonder why so many peoples still advocate to use a simple notebook?

Easy! *Nothing* can beat the notebook efficiency.

1)      You open the notebook

2)      You write your task down and it’s done

And if you want to ‘prioritize’ or ‘organize’ your notes? Use different pen colors or add a simple post-it hanging outside of the pages for a quicker access. There is no special procedure to follow to make it work!

Just look at a program like outlook.
One of the most used to-do list software ever.

It is too complicated! Why on earth I should use 10 actions to define a task? This is why ‘SeriousNote’ was born. I was always using a simple text file to keep my to-do list or tracking my pomodoros.

But a good old text file lack ‘tracking’ and it can be painful to navigate, like when you are looking for a special section.

And it was hard to organize. PLUS I wanted the possibility to track down the progress of my pomodoros.

‘SeriousNote’ works exactly like an intelligent text editor. You can [take note/maintain a todo list/keep track of your progress using the pomodoro technique]. I call this I.N.T ( ‘intelligent note taking’) :-).

You have a simple ‘text editor’ which constantly parse and analyze the text you type in and create a task object that will be stored into a database.
What you write in is what make the task. No menu to open, no ‘clicking’, just pure plain text, exactly like a notebook.

Lets say you want to organize your tasks under 2 categories.

For example ‘personal’ and ‘work’.

You type this:



Task 2


Task 3

Task 4


Then type in the tasks and they will be classified under the category specified by the ‘[Header]’

You can see the structure is reflected on the tree view at the left.

You can enter a bit more of details to specify how you would like to work with the pomodoro  tracker.

For example: here on this image under the category [Math training].

I have planned to study the calculus course on for 6 pomodoros (6p) and because I’m just starting this task I have not yet completed any pomodoro (0p)seriousnote02

(0p/6p)  this is exactly how you ‘configure’ the tracker on SeriousNote.

You don’t have to click anything or to go into a menu to configure a task.

Imagine: You just receive an e-mail from your boss and he asks you to do some random tasks.

Easy enough! Just cut-and-paste the text from the e-mail into ‘SeriousNote’ and it creates the tasks on the fly.

You can also ‘hide’ and ‘show’ different categories of tasks by using the tree view.

Navigate to a category node and press the ‘space’ key and then the tasks under this category will appear into the text view.

You can see that some tasks are strikethrough?

It mean the tasks are done! You can just add a minus ‘-‘ in front of the task or let the pomodoro tracker do it for you when all your pomodoros are over.

You can also specify the priority of the task, so at the next pomodoro cycle those tasks of high importance are first in the queue of pomodoros.

You just have to use a letter and a closing parenthesis like this “A)” “B)” “C)” in the front of the selected task.

A) Mean very high priority

B) Mean lower priority than A) but higher than C)


To queue the tasks for a pomodoro cycle, you Right-Click on one of your tasks and it will colorize the selected task.

Note: The color is changing by order of priority.

Then press the ‘Play’ button and the pomodoro tracking starts!seriousnote03

You can see which tasks have been loaded for the cycle on the lower panel as seen here

When the pomodoro is over, you will be asked if it’s done (the task) or not (you need more pomodoro), and it will update the number of pomodoros done in SeriousNote.

Like here, my task is done so it is incremented by one.


You may be wondering what is this ‘High Score’?

Well,  ‘SeriousNote’ is tracking your performance and updates a score constantly! (With multiplier etc 🙂 like a true shoot-em-up! )

To score well:

You need to be focused and  NOT switch like a maniac between windows.

You need to stay active and to NOT be  idle while you are running a pomodoro.

You need to keep your pomodoro estimation in check (try to not over or under estimate them).

The more you chain the pomodoro the higher the multiplier will increase.

Then  the score will increase faster,  because of  the higher multiplier.

I plan to add around 30 ‘Achievements’ to make the user motivated to break his high score.

Voila for the future software from hackeratwork!

There will be a beta very soon I just need to ‘polish’ the product a bit and it will be ready!

(First beta  at the end of June imo)

Like Seriousd the community edition will be FREE and compatible from winxp to win8.


IF you bought Seriousd Pro you will receive ‘SeriousNote’ way before the public release and you will be upgrage to the pro edition of ‘SeriousNote’ for Free!


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