The Time Tracker Revolution 1.3

Nicolas Dirand The November 5, 2012

Welcome back everyone‭!
I’m proud to present the new Seriousd version‭ ‬1.3.
There are‭ ‬a lot of improvement in this release.
First,‭ ‬the activity history panel has been improved to display a lots more ‬data on screen.
It also automatically sorts the data, so you can spot at the first sight the areas that you are sinking your time into

In this release there is now a pause button to pause Seriousd watchdog.
It can be useful sometimes when you really need to spend more time on an application you usually restrict.

We improved the core of Seriousd as well.‬ This release features many excellent quality improvements
You guys are lucky‭! ‬All this is for free‭

Let me tell you about the killer new features of Seriousd‭!
The ability to generate your own PDF report‭s!
‭Three ‬clicks, and you can generate a really useful PDF report.‭
Discover how well you are progressing week by week or month by month
It is amazing how much we learn about our bad habits with a well designed and easy to read report.
It’s simple to use very powerful‭!

If you buy the commercial version of Seriousd,‭ ‬you get our special membership‭ package!
I give you the opportunity be into the beta program of my next task manager software(Codename: MiniMean).‭
you will also get‭ ‬2‭ ‬years of free update’s‭! B‬elieve me people, there are‭ ‬lots of wonderful new features on the way‭! ‬It’s Christmas time each month when you buy Seriousd.

No money to buy it‭? Don’t worry‭! ‬We still provide the community with a FREE version‭! Seriousd 1.3.2 Full install with .NET Framework 4.0 and SQL Compact 4.0

I’m thrilled to ship this exciting release‭!

I wish you a very productive day‭!

Nicolas Dirand.

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