Why Seriousd 1.4 Is The Best Productivity Tool Ever Made?

Nicolas Dirand The March 23, 2013

Seriousd 1.4: No More Excuses

Seriousd new features

Seriousd new features

The Problem Exposed


Are you efficient worker?
Are you focused on your work for 12 hours a day?
Can you work on your computer five or six days a week without being interrupted every 30 minutes by something?
Are you over run by your workload right now?
Do you work at your full potential?
For the majority of people the answers to these questions is NO.

Concentration and Focus

Today it is near to impossible to be really focused on your work.
Why? It is because over time we have been literally flooded with media.
You can find yourself not being able to spend a single hour without being interrupted or distracted.

Even if you are alone you may always find a way to indulge and distract yourself by checking your emails, browsing Facebook, chatting on messenger, watching a TV show or looking at one of those funny videos on YouTube.

With the increasing role of multimedia in your life, you have lost the ability to always be really giving yourself to your work 100%. You just cannot stay focused like the good old days before the Internet.

This a fact, as modern life has developed, we have lost a tons of productivity.

Multi-tasking is what is killing our productivity. The Internet was a tool at first, but right now it is an addiction (Internet/mp3/iPhone apps/video game – choose your poison!)
Another fact that speaks volumes of this problem: – Try to put an average teenager in a silent room for one day. This is near to torture for them (And even for me I must say!)

What have we done since?Seriousd Monitoring Your Computer

Where we are now – A general view of productivity tools

OK! The situation is not looking very bright. If you are reading this text you certainly know there is a ton of software companies who are promising to make you more productive.

Well I bet 50% of you already bought a palm pilot in the full glory of 1999’s and you were certain that with this gadget you would be the next Bill Gates.

Ok, at the end it was not practical at all.It took you hours to enter all of your contacts and it was at best an expensive Gameboy for businessman.
But your productivity was not really improved at all!

There is also a bunch of time tracking software and various plugin’s for your browser that monitor how you are spending your time. Well this is better! At least you can optimize what you are measuring! But what happen after a few weeks?

You certainly do not let it run anymore and what happens if you are ‘Abusing’ distractions? Well, nothing happens, and if one of those time trackers allows you to block some websites (Rescue time for example). It is very easy to bypass them, and if you abuse your time with a video game or watching a Blu-ray – well nothing will stop you.

What is wrong

THIS IS THE PROBLEM! Good will works, but not for long!We remind you to work

I just look at myself, I programmed Seriousd at the time to keep me far from distractions.
If Seriousd was detecting an abuse of distraction (An overload of browsing or video games) I had a full screen reminder and I got all my windows minimized! It was enough to break the flow of distraction, but yet it was not enough!


I’m sorry but very few of us have an iron will. Just look at how hard it is for people to stop smoking. Even if the addiction is very mild. It’s so easy to smoke one more cigarette that it becomes really hard to escape this vicious circle.

Procrastination works exactly that same way! Researchers have discovered that switching between distractions produces endorphins! (A natural painkiller).
This makes switching between tasks ‘Pleasurable’ and at the end of day you do nothing. So you can see that it is not that easy to stay focused.


Here come SeriousdSeriousd is slick!

Seriousd is the proactive time tracker that you already know.
So far Seriousd has been able to track your usage of applications, monitor your web browser, your video games playing or your favorite spreadsheet software
Next I added the possibility to detect the ‘Distractions’ or your ‘Time sink’ and I was notifying you that you were wasting your time.

But here comes Seriousd 1.4!
With this version Seriousd goes the extra mile! If you choose to “Lockdown” Seriousd, you will have NO WAY to escape from the productivity you defined!

For example: If you do not want to waste too much time on Facebook, you can then setup Seriousd to allow you 1 hour of Facebook in every 18 hour period.
Then you can ‘Lockdown’ Seriousd. So, if you are browsing for more than 1 hour for every 18 hours then Seriousd will keep notifying you and restrict you to spend one more minute on Facebook! You can try to kill Seriousd, but it will now re-launch itself automatically! You can even try to kill the ‘Monitor’ (VIProcess.exe) of Seriousd and your whole PC will reboot! (Avoiding the annoyance of a reboot is a great motivator!)

So at the end of the day you have two choices: –
Choice A: You do not waste any more time on Facebook and continue to work!
Choice B: You absolutely want to visit Facebook (You can), but first you have to REBOOT! Or Kill VIProcess! This is *PAINFULL*! Not impossible, but painful enough to keep many people willing to work from

Seriousd is certain to make you work

Seriousd is certain to make you work

spending 5 more minutes just to continue to be distracted.

This is how Seriousd works! It proposes a solution to keep you away from all the distractions you identify, and it makes it painful if you really want to waste your time!
(You can of course reconfigure any rules when the ‘Lockdown’ is over)

But this is not the only feature of Seriousd 1.4! There is more!

With Seriousd 1.4 I have added the possibility to monitor the sound card.
I found that I was often playing a video or a TV show way too often on one of my screens when I was programming. I was horrified to see that I was listening to ‘Noise’ way too much.
So I added the possibility to monitor the ‘System sound’ just like any other application!How?
I just add a rule named ‘System sound’ and configured it like any other apps!
This is my favorite feature!

With this and the ‘Lockdown’, I can control myself and keep myself in a true silent workspace for hours.
Those two features combined are really increasing my productivity to a new level that I almost cannot believe it myself!

mindful hacker
founder of qualys.com, bee-ware.net and hackeratwork.com.I create and code! from computer security to productivity hacking

Enjoy Seriousd 1.4!

View Seriousd 1.4 In Action And Learn Why Seriousd Is Certain To Keep You Focused


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