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Nicolas Dirand The March 26, 2012


Seriousd – Free Proactive Time Tracker version with VIProcess(rules Lockdown) and Sound monitoring.

Seriousd with .NET Framework 4.0, SQL Compact 4.0 and VC++ Redist 2013. For WinXP x64, Vista x64, Win7 x64 (64bits), Windows 8 (64bits)

Seriousd with .NET Framework 4.0, SQL Compact 4.0 and VC++ Redist 2013. For WinXP x86, Vista x86, Win7 x86 (32bits), Windows 8 (32bits)

N.B: It may be possible that your antivirus can block VIProcess.exe This is because VIProcess.exe inject itself into winlogon.exe. If this happen please disable your anti-virus or add an exception to allow VIProcess.exe to work, or just do not install VIProcess but doing so will disable the “Lockdown” feature

Old Release 1.3

Seriousd 1.3.2 Full install with .NET Framework 4.0 and SQL Compact 4.0. For XP/Vista/Windows7  (x86/x64)


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  1. anti love says: April 30, 2012

    I just love it <3 dude!

  2. Jackzuccarelli says: July 28, 2012

    je te vois assis sur le rebord…  

  3. PhoneyVirus says: May 30, 2014

    Portable Version would be awesome, nevertheless great app.


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