Seriousd Fixed And Enhanced

Nicolas Dirand The July 25, 2013

Here it is the new Seriousd

New Features:

1)      You can now whitelist (or allow) a specific application. It allow a more fine grained control over your filtering of applications. For example: You may want to block all your browsers but yet you want to continue to study your online class on .

To do this simply check ‘allow’ on the rules editor. Then all the applications matching your ‘allowed rule’ will never be block by Seriousd. whitelist and timeleft

2)       Visualize your time left before Seriousd block the application.

Bug Fix:

1)      No more ‘Anti Spew Screen’ spamming when you are filtering the sound of your system.(thanks to fbiabc888)

2)      Fixed the error code:0x643 at install. This error was sometime appearing if you had an old version of SQL Server CE. We updated the Installer with the latest version SQL Server CE and this should fix the problem for good. (thanks to fbiabc888)

3)      Fixed a very rare race condition which made Seriousd crashing randomly

4)      Auto repair of the database. Seriousd SQL Server CE database was sometime corrupt and wasn’t able to start again. Now we repair the database automatically

Status Update:

I have a very busy summer! I’m following a lot of the courses from coursera so I was (and still) very very busy. So do not panic I’m still alive  and kicking! I’m just taking my time J

Now that is done and with many of the features I really wanted to push. I will work a lot more on SeriousNote! I still hope to release a beta this summer.

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