A Time Tracker With Timeline And Indicators

Nicolas Dirand The April 10, 2014

Hi everyone!

Let me show you what is going on with Seriousd and SeriousNote.

Seriousd the proactive time tracker, just received a timeline not long ago, but I did not stop there! I added some indicators that give you a clear picture of your productivity to the finest details.

You will all remember that I was interested in pre-emptive detection of procrastination.

You remember that traders use indicators to forecast the price of a stock?

So I made us a few productivity indicators like:

  1. Considering the number of application switch.
  2. Counting if your keyboard was active over a 30 second time span.
  3. Counting if your mouse was clicking over a 30 second time span.
  4. Exposing the ‘keyboard/mouse’ ratio

I likewise appended a very useful Correlation tool to find out how each indicators interact together.

productivity indicators

productivity indicators

Let me details how the keyboard/rest or mouse/rest ratio work.

Suppose we have a 20 intervals of 30 minutes. We can symbolize this with an indexed array of 20 elements.

[0][0][0][0]….[0] (20 elements, all being zero).

Each 30 seconds, we are pointing to the next element, e.g.: You begin at index 1 and 30secs later you jump to index 2 and you continue till you reach index 20.

Each time you are typing on your keyboard or if your mouse is clicked. Your current element value is set to 1. If you was not typing or clicking, the current element remains at zero.

At the conclusion of this 20x 30 second point. We count every element who is greater than zero and divide them over the size of the array.

[0][1][0][0][0][1][1][1][0][1] <= The array could look like this. 0 mean ‘no activity’ 1 mean you typed/clicked something. C#: keyboardrestList.Sum( x => x > 0)/keyboardrestList.Count() This manner of measuring the keyboard or mouse input is not sensible to spam or is not dependant on the velocity of your typing/clicking. It allows me to normalize the information. To help you understand what is going on There is also some dotted line marked on the graph to know which applications was getting your focus at this moment. You can also ‘link to the timeline’. When you do this if you explore your natural processes with the timeline, the indicators will spontaneously be updated.   Because I’m talking about the timeline view. There are some new features for you.

  1. Now you can automatically refresh the timeline to see in real time the new events added to it.
  2. A convenient redline to help you synchronize the live view with the timeline
  3. Optimized the speed of the timeline view.

The TimeLine View

I also removed one bug (thanks to one of my paying users) with the database migration.

Now Seriousd can be upgraded from scratch and will not ask to cancel the old database anymore.

What’s next then?

Preemptive detection of procrastination!

Printing of the timeline/indicators for the paying user.

Exporting data to XLs/csv.

Next Release will be something totally different.

It’s SeriousNote! I’m almost done with it!  My premium user will find an exclusive early access in less than 2/3 weeks.

Download Seriousd For Free 🙂

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