Welcome To Seriousd 1.4

Here is Seriousd your new proactive time tracker. Let me show you how Seriousd is different

Track And Discover

Do you really know how well you work? Are you efficient? Do you think you are? Let Seriousd monitor all your activities and discover exactly how you “Really” spend your time, and help you to be really focused, because you can only optimize what you can measure!

Don't Waste Your Time

In this example: We will create a rule to control how long you can play minesweeper. To do this simply right click on the minesweeper entry from the history windows.

Watchdog Rules

By default the rule created allows you 1 hour of playing minesweeper in every 12 hours of your time. Seriousd will stop you spending any more time than that. You can also control how much of Facebook or YouTube (Or any other apps) you want to use.


Here is what will happen if you are wasting your time on minesweeper. All your windows will minimize and this screen will appear. You cannot be distracted any longer. You are ready to work again from a fresh start.

Self-Discipline Is Easy

To be REALLY sure that you will respect your good resolutions. You can lock the rules for a period of time. You will not be able to escape Seriousd 'Anti Distraction' during that time, nor will you be able to kill off Seriousd. Like I love to say, "It is parental control for grown ups"


When Seriousd is in lockdown. You cannot quit or pause Seriousd anymore. Note the small red key icon. This small button allows you to 'Lockdown' quickly without going to the rules editor. It simply refreshes the locking process.

Your Productivity Is Seriously Protected

Seriousd is protected by a sort of 'Super protector', VIProcess.exe monitor shows that Seriousd is running alright and that you are not trying to trick the system or evade your very own rules when you are in a 'Lockdown' situation. If you try to kill the protector you will be logged out and all your applications will be killed off!

So You Killed The Protector?

You have just been terminated, so be wise! Start with a reasonable lockdown period. It is time to discover and learn how you really work and start to break all your bad habits! Do this easily with the new Seriousd 1.4
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