Welcome To Seriousd

Here is Seriousd your new proactive time tracker and work analyzer. Let me show you how Seriousd is different

Track And Discover

Do you really know how well you work? Are you organized and efficient? Do you think you are? Let Seriousd monitor all your actions and reveal exactly how you spend your time, and help you to be really focused, because you can only optimize what you can evaluate!

Don’t Waste Your Time

In this example: We will create a rule to control how long you can play minesweeper. To do this simply right click on the minesweeper entry from the history windows.

Set up your rules

By default the rule created allows you one hour of play time with minesweeper every 12 hours. I setup for this session 06 minutes of play time and I ‘lock config’ Seriousd for 10 minutes. Seriousd will stop you to spend any more time than that. You can also control how much of Facebook or YouTube or any other apps/websites you want to use.

Lock Config

When ‘Lock Config’ is enabled, you cannot close nor pause Seriousd. You are actually locked with your previous rules. You are FORCED to respect your own rules. Clicking on the Key icon start the ‘locking’. When the Key Icon turns RED it mean you are LOCKED

Time Left

It’s easy to know how much time you are ‘allowed’ before Seriousd block you. It’s written under the column ‘time left’. Here in my instance there are 02 minutes left before Seriousd block this application.

Attempting to Escape

This is what happen if you try to close or pause Seriousd. It tells you how much time left before you can rework your rules. If you press the Red Key again, it will restart the locking to zero.

Sorry for breaking the rules

I will show you exactly what happen if you go against your own rules. Remember, we setup Seriousd to allow us 6 minutes of play time with Seriousd. And we are about to timeout!

Break the rules (cont.)

A rapid check to see our timeleft tell us we have 12 minutes before we get stopped


Ok, you abused Seriousd and you are now blocked and cannot use minesweeper anymore. All your applications are minimized too (clean desktop) so you can start clean! You will be allowed to use MineSweeper in 12 hours e.g.: This is your cycle length.

Your Productivity Is Seriously Protected

Seriousd is protected by a sort of 'Super protector', VIProcess.exe monitor shows that Seriousd is running alright and that you are not trying to trick the system or evade your very own rules when you are in a 'Lockdown' situation. If you attempt to shoot down the protector you will be logged out and all your applications will be killed off!

So You Killed The Protector?

You have just been terminated, so be wise! Set off with a reasonable lockdown period. It is time to find out and determine how you genuinely work, and give out all your bad habits! Do this easily with the new Seriousd 1.4 To know more about Seriousd 1.4, and why we think it is the best productivity tool

Get Back To Work

When you are re login after you kill VIProcess.exe, Seriousd reset your ‘lock config’ time. Crime does not pay here.

Analyze your work habits

Now with Seriousd 1.4 we are featuring a Timeline view. It allows you to know and explore all of your activities in a very simple and easy to understand fashion.

Work Statistics

Here is what I call the ‘LiveView’ it monitor each keystroke/mouse click/App Switch (Focusing from one app to another). In that respect is also a correlation tool, to help you contemplate how each time series are working together to explain your current productivity. You can link it to the timeline too, to explore back in time if you was really active in such and such programs. PS: click here to see our old presentation