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"Where The Heck Did My Time Go ?"

Relearn How To Work

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How Do You Work ?

Seriousd keep track of every applications you run or website
you visit.

Your Data is stored in a local SQL database
Your privacy is respected

While you work a widget always stay a top and show you
the top 5 apps that get most of your attention

With one click you get access to your activity history
and get all the details you need, like site url or windows name

Now you are aware of what is going on in your day!

Crush Procrastination!

Seriousd is a proactive solution.
We detect when you're wasting time and we bring you
back into "The Zone"

Make your own rules as you like!
You want only 15minutes of facebook every 6 hours?
You want to play a video game but still want to work?
One click and you're done!

You Take Control Of Your Computer Usage

Envision Your Evolution

Create in three clicks only a PDF report of your progress

You will know exactly how well you are doing day by day,
week by week, or even month by month

Key statistics and information you need
to identify your time sink and procrastinate no more!

You Optimize What You Measure

Seriousd was made by someone who need it the most.. That would be me ;) I'm a solo programmer. When you work alone Nobody can tell you if you are wasting your time. Nobody rings the alarm for you. My future is bound to my efficiency at my job. Seriousd is the result of my needs. I’m glad to say it help me everyday to be productive”
Nicolas Dirand founder of hackeratwork.com

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